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Rain a River Through Our Colander Roof.

Sweet Jebus I'm in love with Fourplay. I bought their new album between shifts yesterday, and I can only say that it's as eclectic and and gorgeous as their preceeding albums. Lara Goodridge sings like an angel, when she puts that violin down, and she's currently singing like one who's had a glass too much of bathtub gin. Something about crying a river over me. It also opens with 2+2=5. And the rain in the background, just audible under the base and cello, makes me very happy. Even if I do have to go to work in twenty minutes.

My Rental Catastrophe seems to be not nearly as catastrophic as I had thought. Repairs will be made, our landlord informs me, then we can re-negotiate. I'm not certain what the lease situation is, but as long as the repairs don't become a long-term string of tradies waltzing through the house, I think we may be good.
Tags: music, slumlord

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